Theme Chess

These premium Theme Chessmen Sets from Berkeley Chess, England encapsulate the best of British craft manufacturing.

Made from crushed marble stone and resin, these chess pieces undergo a special process. Stained in Russet (a contemporary brown) or Cardinal (a contemporary red), they are then further stained to add an aged antique effect.

The Metallic Chessmen Sets are cast in metal and crushed marble stone resin and finished with a unique copper and steel/pewter metallic finish. They are approximately double the weight of the crushed stone sets.

All Chess Pieces are well weighted and finished with a protective felt base. Each Chessmen Set comes individually housed in a Presentation Box.

These Chessmen Sets are of the highest quality and add a new dimension to the time-honoured game of chess.

Our recommendations for matching Chess Boards are shown with each Chessmen Set description.

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