Supreme Heavy Weighted Plastic Chessmen. 105mm King


Image taken on a 55mm Square Vinyl Mat

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This 34 Piece solid Plastic Chessmen Set is the heaviest and tallest of our Plastic Chess Sets. An attractive set.

It is:

  • Weighted – Full Set weighs 1600gms (Quadruple Weighted)
  • Felt Based
  • Two¬†Extra Queens
  • Nicely crafted and includes the ‘Classic’ Staunton Knight
  • King Height 105mm (4 1/8″) with a wider 47mm Base
  • Pawn Height 56mm with a 35mm Base with the other pieces in proportion
  • Best suits a Chess Board or Mat with 55mm to 60mm Squares
  • Meets Chess Tournaments Standards
  • Ideal for those looking for heavier and taller chess pieces and for casual play with family and friends

Note: Set comes in 2 plastic snap lock bags
Draw String Fabric Bag  (look under Tournament Chess РChess Accessories)