Silver and Black Chessmen 106mm King


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This High Quality 34 piece Silver and Black Staunton Weighted Chess Set is made out of durable ABS resin with a Silver and Black High Gloss Metallic Finish.  A great combination of Beauty, Size and Weight.

Set is:

  • Nicely Crafted in the Staunton Style
  • Weighted – Full Set weighs 1660gms
  • Has 2 extra Queens
  • Black Leatherette Bases
  • Comes in a cardboard carton
  • Best suits a Chess Board or Mat with 55mm to 60mm Squares
  • Meets Chess Tournaments Standards
  • Fantastic as Individual Pieces for Chess Trophies / Prizes at Chess Tournaments /Club Events

King H 106mm  W 46mm  76.4g
Queen H 98mm  W46mm  57.5g
Knight H 72mm  W 38mm  66.6g
Rook H 63mm  W 40mm  68.4g
Bishop H 78mm  W 38mm  44.5g
Pawn H 58mm  W 36mm  36.4g

NB: Chess Mat illustrated can be found in Product Categories – Tournament Chess – Vinyl Chess Boards