Four Player Chess Set


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Four Players can have a grand time playing chess on this unique chess set. With a Green and Buff Board and Four Different Colours, you’re well on your way to an unusually fun chess experience.

Rules? Make up your own or search the Internet for the ones you like.

Can be played Free For All or in Teams of 2 Players.

Team Playing: Teams are composed of two players each, who are always across the board from each other. Players cannot capture their teammate’s pieces. Since team play is crucial in this variant, players must communicate with their partner to gain an edge.

NB: Unfortunately no game instructions come with this set.
       You can get instructions off the Internet.

Chess Set consists of:
Four Sets of Plastic Chess Pieces: in White, Black, Red and Blue. King Height 95mm (3.75″) King Base 38mm (1.5″)
Vinyl Chess Board: 610mm x 610mm (24” x 24″) with 41mm squares
Black Canvas Cylindrical Storage Bag: stores the Rolled up Mat and Chess Pieces