DGT 3000 FIDE Approved Chess Clock


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The DGT 3000 is DGT’s most advanced chess clock.

It is a FIDE chess clock approved and recommended by the International Chess Federation FIDE. It is built in full accordance with the FIDE rules and regulations for chess clocks and with the Laws of Chess. It can be used for all 2-player games such as Chess, Go, Draughts, Shogi, Scrabble and many more.

The DGT 3000 connects to all DGT electronic chess boards and has many new and improved features
Seconds are shown from the start
Larger display with more information
25 pre-set timing systems
5 slots for customized settings
It incorporates all fashionable timing systems for chess and draughts and features many extra options such as US delay and options for Scrabble
Comes in a Presentation Box
Includes Batteries and User Manual
2 year warranty

DGT3000 User Manual

DGT Clock Choice Guide