DGT Smart Chess e-Board


The DGT Smart e-Board with Electronic Wooden Chess Pieces and Connection Set.
This Chess Board comes without Chess Notation.

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The DGT Smart e-Board is an Electronic Chess Board that has been developed as a more affordable alternative to the  DGT wooden e-Boards and to make LiveChess Broadcasting more accessible.

The DGT Smart Board is made of high quality plastic and provides the same great functionality and user experience as the DGT wooden e-Boards.  The Wood Print Finish on top of the Board is very appealing and looks just like a real Walnut Wooden Board.  The Board is lightweight, thin and ergonomic making it easy to store and transport.  The Board topside size is 52 x 52 cm with a tournament square size 55 x 55 mm.

The Smart Board knows everything that is happening on the Board at all times. This gives it great speed and accuracy to record and broadcast chess games live as they happen. The DGT Smart Board is accurate, fast, very energy efficient, extra thin, sturdy with a net weight of just 2 kg.

When playing chess on a Smart Board it records the games, it will log and record around 500 moves that can be retrieved from the Board in PGN format and used on other devices such as a PC, tablet or mobile phone. Use a chess program for analysing the game or to publish the games.

By using a Smart Board to play chess, you can show the game locally on screens or tv’s or broadcast the game live via the internet on your website.

It can be used at home, chess club, chess tournament or chess event.

The DGT Smart Board (without Chess Notation) comes with:

  • A full set of Electronic Wooden Chess Pieces – designed in the classical Staunton model. Comes with two extra queens – one for each colour.
  • A USB Cable Connection Set that connects the Smart Board to your laptop or PC. Set contains:
    USB-C to USB cable
    Board to Clock cable (clock not included)
    DVD containing installation software and drivers, Fritz software, Free 100 days Premium Membership on PlayChess.com, LiveChess Software

Technical specifications:
Power: Supplied with a USB cable or the tournament cable set.
Housing: Black ABS plastic chassis with a high quality printed chess board surface.
Board size/thickness: 520 x 520 mm (20.5 x 20.8 inch).
Square size: 55 x 55 mm (2.2 x 2.2 inch).
Clock support: DGT3000 connectable through the included clock cable.
Net weight: 2.0 Kg (70.55 oz) Smart Board only.
Gross weight: 2.6 Kg (91.71 oz) Smart Board, documentation and packing.

Smart Boards have many applications and setups:

Online Play

  • Play online against opponents from around the world using the Smart Board as your input device. For example play opponents on Chess.com or on Playchess.com.

Recording Games

  • Use the board to record your games for later analysis or publication. Analysing your games is the best way to improve your chess.

Live Internet Broadcasting

  • Use the free DGT Live Chess software and DGT’s free Cloud Service to broadcast your games and tournaments live on your website.

Show Games Locally

  • Show one or multiple games on a screen without using an internet connection.

Computer Play

  • The board interacts with the strongest chess playing software and chess programs available on your laptop, PC, tablet or mobile phone. The Fritz PC computer program is included with your Smart Board connection set.

DGT Pi Chess Computer  (Extra Accessory – requires a pre-order)

  • Add the DGT Pi Chess Computer to turn your Smart Board into your strongest sparring partner. Use it to play, train, analyse and study chess.
  • DGT Pi communicates the computer moves on the display or announces them via a loudspeaker.

Tournament Set-up

    • DGT Smart Boards are fully compatible with DGT’s wooden e-Boards in a tournament set-up. The Smart Boards can be connected together with the wooden e-Boards  in one string. NB: To use Smart Boards in a Tournament set-up Cable Connections for Tournament Boards need to be purchased.

DGT Smart Board User Manual