The Viking Game (Hnefatafl)


Hnefatafl (or King’s Table) is a simple but addictive game of strategy. Recalling a time of feuding Viking Lords and violent invasions, Hnefatafl is one of history’s greatest board games.

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Hnefatafl is pronounced “nef-ah-tah-fel”.

This two player game set contains 37 Replica Playing Pieces: 1 King, 12 Defenders, 24 Attackers; a decorative woven linen playing surface; a set of rules; historical information in four languages (English, French, German and Japanese) and comes in a cardboard presentation box.

Dimensions: The woven linen game board measures 290mm x 290mm and the pieces are 30mm tall.
Materials: Each playing piece is crafted in polyresin and the game board is made of natural woven linen