National Museums Scotland Lewis Chessmen. 65mm King


A full set of replica Lewis Chessmen pieces from the National Museums Scotland collection, handmade in the UK. A smaller set with a 65mm King height.

NB: Chessboard is not included.

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Discovered in 1831 on the Isle of Lewis but dating back to the 12th Century, the Lewis Chessmen recall a time of feuding Viking Lords and violent invasions.

These authentic replicas have been handmade in the UK from 3D laser scans, using a simulated ivory finish to accurately represent the walrus ivory originals. Each set comes in an elegant presentation box.

Dimensions: This set is slightly smaller than the National Museums of Scotland’s standard Lewis Chess set. The largest chess piece – the King stands 65mm tall.

Materials: Each chess piece is sculpted in polystone resin with a protective black felt base.

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