Isle of Lewis Compact Celtic Chess Set Cream


This superb little chess set features miniature versions of the legendary Isle of Lewis Chessmen with a stoneware board and case adorned with Celtic knots and symbols. Endorsed by the National Museums of Scotland.

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The Isle of Lewis Chessmen are one of the most iconic and famous of chess sets. Discovered on the Isle of Lewis in 1831 after a sandbank collapsed and revealed a dry stone chamber that contained the chess pieces. They are said to date back to the 12th century and likely to have been crafted in Norway.

This superb Celtic Chess Set is made in England to a high standard that is not only elegant but a timeless classic.

The miniature replica Chessmen have been created from 3D laser scans of the chessmen from both the National Museums Scotland and British Museum Collections. The Chessmen and Chess Board are both finished in a simulated ivory colour to accurately represent the walrus ivory originals. The stoneware Chess Board also serves as a protective case with a cut foam interior and black felt lining to keep each chess piece safe between games.

Chess Board, Chessmen and Chess Case are all finely sculpted in polystone resin. Complete Set weighs 1.5kg  Height 4cm
Chess Board measures 22 x 22cm  with 1.9cm Squares
King Height 4.3cm  King Diameter 1.7cm  King Weight 12g