Garden Chess Set 410mm King


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This 32 Piece Garden Patio Chess Set is suitable for Indoor or Outdoor use.

  • Made from Tough Durable Polyurethane Plastic. Can withstand All Weather Conditions
  • Total Weight of Set 12kg
  • King: Height 41cm, Base 17cm, Weight 543gram
  • Queen: Height 36cm, Base 16cm, Weight 420gram
  • Knight: Height 27.5cm, Base 15cm, Weight 465gram
  • Bishop: Height 31.5cm, Base 15cm, Weight 385gram
  • Rook: Height 25cm, Base 14.5cm, Weight 317gram
  • Pawn: Height 22.5cm, Base 11.5cm, Weight 184gram


  • 1 x Giant Chess Bag is suitable for storage and transport for the Pieces
  • Nylon Mat for Garden Chess Set 410mm