Babul Timeless Classic Chess Set with Macassar Board. 95mm King


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This combination is a Babul and Boxwood Extra Weighted Chess Set with a Deluxe Chess Board.

It comprises:

  • Babul and Boxwood Chessmen 95mm King. 34 pieces. This Set is Extra Weighted, Felt Based and comes with 2 extra Queens. Knight and Bishop are nicely Carved.  Babul (Acacia nilotica) is a dense fine grained hardwood of Indian origin.  Set comes in a padded zipped canvas pouch.
  • Macassar and Maple Deluxe Chess Board 50mm Squares.  Board measures 500 x 500mm

NB: The following Chess Boards also match well with this Chess Set:
Wenge and Maple Deluxe 50mm Squares
Wenge Barcelona Deluxe 50mm Squares
Palisander and Maple Deluxe 50mm Squares
Mahogany and Maple Standard (narrow border) 55mm Squares (same size board as the 500mm Deluxe Board but with bigger squares)