Millennium The King Element


Extension for MILLENNIUM Exclusive chessboards. The most personal and exciting chess partner you ever had!



With the elegant wooden computer module The King Element you can extend your MILLENNIUM Exclusive sensor board with the world-famous chess program The King by Johan de Koning.

The chess magazine ROCHADE writes in its November 2018 issue:

“In my opinion the King Element Module is the legitimate successor of the strongest board computer to date, the TASC R40. The program convinces me by its aggressive playing style and with its computer-untypical weighting of material and initiative it always offers interesting suggestions for analysis”.

New features from version 2020 2.61/1.40

With the free feature update from 2020, The King Performance becomes even more versatile: The device now offers 4 adaptive game levels that flexibly adapt to your abilities. On the entry level “Play & Win” even newcomers to chess have fun playing with the computer, here it is easy to defeat. In addition, there are the new ELO levels, where you get an approximate estimation of your own rating.

From now on the computer allows you to save up to 9 games. Also he is now able to give up the game or offer a draw. The new division of the menu system into a comfort mode and an expert mode is helpful to find your way easily through the extensive functional equipment. A further feature: the brightness of the LEDs can now be perfectly adjusted in several steps to match the ambient brightness.

Technical data:
Suitable: For all chess lovers, from primary school children to grandmasters
Playing strength: From beginner to over 2500 ELO (according to SSDF list)

Display with lighting: Yes, multilevel dimming, can be switched off
Processor: ARM Cortex M7, 300 MHz processor
CPU : Clock frequency variably adjustable from 10 – 300 MHz
RAM: 384 KB
Connection board-computer: Standard mini-Din-cable, 4-pin

Program: The King
Author: Johan de Koning
Current software status: 2018
New version 2020 2.61/1.40 available as a free upgrade on
Device languages: 7 (DE / GB / FR / NL / ES / IT / RU)
Menu system: Text-based / Graphic, all device languages
Updateable Software: Yes, via USB

Power supply:
Batteries required: No
Power supply connection: Yes, 100 – 240V 50/60 Hz Input – 9V 1A Output
Power supply included: No (using the power supply from the M820)

Dimensions and weights:
Dimensions: 18 x 13,7 x 5,5 cm
Article: Weight 352 g

Model number and age recommendation:
Model number: M823
From the manufacturer from 6 years recommended age