Millennium Luxe Cabinet


The noble wooden pedestal perfectly sets the scene for your Exclusive Board. In its drawer you can store accessories and cables so that nothing disturbs the perfect picture.



With the Luxe Cabinet, you really make your Exclusive Board stand out: the board now stands on a noble wooden pedestal. This contains a velvet-lined drawer in which you can perfectly accommodate the separately available accessories ChessLink and ChessVolt including all cables as well as the pieces.

Expand your system with the optional ChessLink module and the free ChessLink app, and play online on the internationally popular Lichess server. With programs like HIARCS and the “Chess for Android” app, you have more fascinating applications at your disposal.

You should definitely use the ChessVolt in conjunction with the Luxe Cabinet, as it allows you to operate all electronic components without opening the drawer. It provides the necessary power for many hours of pure chess pleasure independent of power sockets.

The system can, for example, be expanded at any time with a chess computer module, e.g. The King Element. Board and pedestal are not firmly connected to each other. This means that the board can be removed from the pedestal at any time and taken along on vacation, for example.

Technical Details:

Recommended accessories:
For e-board function: ChessLink Modul M822
For power supply: ChessVolt M825 (mandatory for the use of the electrical components)
Modules outside the platform M823 King Element or M820 Chess Genius module possible

Power supply:
Batteries necessary: Yes, M825 ChessVolt absolutely necessary
Power supply connection: Yes, 100 – 240V 50/60 Hz Input – 9V 1A Output
Power supply included: No (you use the power supply of your chess computer)

Dimensions and weights:
Dimensions Luxe Cabinet: 36,5 x 36,5 x 5,5 cm
Dimensions chessboard with platform: 40 x 40 x 7,5 cm
Length connection cable: Ca. 70 cm

Model number and age recommendation:
Model number: M842
Age recommended by the manufacturer: from 6 years

Delivery Scope:
Luxe Cabinet: M842 incl. charging electronics for ChessVolt and illuminated on/off switch as well as fixing pads for chessboard.
Chess Man: Not included
Chess Board: Not included
ChessLink: Not included
ChessVolt: Not included
Power Adaptor: Not included
Data Cable: Not included

Compatible products:
M820 ChessGenius Exclusive Schachcomputer
M824 The King Lasker Edition Schachcomputer
M826 The King Chess960 Edition
M823 The King Element (togehter with one of the above chess computers)
M830 The King Performance
M822 ChessLink (togehter with one of the above chess computers)
M825 ChessVolt (essential)