Europe Chess Champion Chess Computer


The chess computer for the whole family.

Play chess and 7 more board games

From Millennium


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Europe Chess Champion Chess Computer from Millennium

  • Large LCD screen with white background lighting shows the complete playing field
  • Extensive help, learning and control functions
  • Interactive chess training with 100 pre-stored exercises
  • 13 languages ​​for menu and help texts adjustable
  • Numerous difficulty levels
  • Position control, position input and retraction possible
  • Comfortable operation thanks to a light-weight sensor
  • Position memory (when the device is switched off) allows continued play after interruption
  • Operation with 3 x AA batteries (included)

Functions /Technical Data:
Contains besides chess 7 more known board games: Lady, Reversi, Halma, 4 In A Row, Nim, Fox & Goose and Northcote

Chess computer
Chess men
Instruction manual

Europe ChessChampion User Manual