Mandarin Chessmen Cardinal Red


Made in England by Berkeley Chess. Crafted from solid crushed stone resin, this beautifully detailed chess set reflects the ancient spirit of Chinese history depicting traditional figures and symbols.

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Few cultures rival the Chinese in terms of length and historical significance. One of the earliest recorded civilizations in the world, Chinese history dates back thousands and thousands of years. From feudalism to the rise of communism the history of China has long been one of the most colorful and evolving cultures to write itself into the annals of time.

This chess set commemorates the various dynasties of this remarkable world power.

This is a very beautiful set.

King Height  125cm (5″)  King Diameter 33mm (1.25″ )  King Weight  75g (2.6oz)

Recommended Board Match:
Wenge and Maple Deluxe 55mm Squares – last photo – very smart – the Wenge compliments the antiqued Cardinal Red