Old Russian Babul Chessmen. 95mm King


An Elegant Russian Style Chess Set

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This 32 piece Chessmen Set is Extra Weighted and Felt Based.

This Chess Set is inspired by a design that was extremely popular in Eastern Europe in the 1950’s and 60’s.  A similar design was used in the 1959 World Championship Candidates Tournament in Bled, Zagreb and you may often see this type of set called the Zagreb ’59.

The Knight is nicely carved. He has his head down, a closed mouth and an elegant curved neck above his thick chest.

Handcrafted from Boxwood and Babul hardwood. Babul (Acacia nilotica) is a dense fine grained hardwood of Indian origin

With King Height 95mm (3 3/4″) it best suits a Chess Board with 50mm Squares

Recommended Board Match: – both very smart
Wengue and Maple Deluxe 50mm Squares  (Wengue is a dark coffee colour)
Macassar and Maple Deluxe 50mm Squares (Macassar is a rich chocolate colour)

Chess Storage Box:
Two Compartment Walnut Chest Large