Babul Extra Weighted Chess Set with Macassar Board. 95mm King


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This combination is a Babul and Boxwood Extra Weighted Chess Set with a Deluxe Chess Board.

It comprises:

  • Babul and Boxwood Chessmen 95mm King.  Chessmen are  Extra Weighted and Felt Based.  Knight and Bishop are nicely Carved.  Babul (Acacia nilotica) is a dense fine grained hardwood of Indian origin.  Set comes in a padded zipped canvas pouch.
  • Macassar and Maple Deluxe Chess board 50mm Squares.  Board measures 500 x 500mm.

Chess Storage Box: Two Compartment Wood Chest Large

NB:  The following Chess Board also looks great with this chessmen set:
Walnut and Maple Moulded Edge 50mm Squares