Babul Chess Set Classic with Wenge Board. 76mm King


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This combination is a Babul and Boxwood Chess Set with a Deluxe Chess Board.

It comprises:

  • Babul and Boxwood Chessmen 76mm (3″) King Classic.  Set is Weighted and Felt Based. Set has the ‘Classic Staunton Style’ Knight – which is nicely carved; and as all chess pieces have a wider base – a Deluxe Chess Board with 45mm Squares is recommended.  Babul (Acacia nilotica) is a dense fine grained hardwood of Indian origin
  • Wenge and Maple Deluxe Chess Board 45mm Squares. Board measures 450 x 450mm

NB: The following Chess Boards also look good with this Chess Set:
Black High Gloss Deluxe 45mm Squares
Brown Ash Burl High Gloss Deluxe 45mm Squares