American War Of Independence Hand Painted Chessmen


Made in England this Superb Hand Painted Studio Anne Carlton (SAC) American War of Independence (1775-1785) Chess Set is now a Collector’s item. The design is Copyright.

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This Hand Painted Studio Anne Carlton (SAC)  American War of Independence ( 1775-1783) Theme Chessmen Set is now a Collector’s item.

The English Army of King George III, led by Major General  Lord Cornwallis, fights the famous battles of Lexington, Concorde and Yorktown against the American Revolutionary forces led by George Washington. This set is completely hand made from high quality Old English Metal Castings, which are cleverly assembled and hand painted.

British Side                                                         American Side

British Flag with Lion       King                       American Flag with Eagle

Lord Corwallis                    Queen                    George Washington

Officer of the Line              Bishop                   Officer of the Line

Cavalry Officer                  Knight                   Cavalry Officer

Cannon                               Castle                    Cannon

Red Coated Grenadier    Pawn                       Minuteman

This Studio Anne Carlton Chess Set is :

  • Hand Painted
  • Made of  Old Metal Castings
  • The King Height is 135mm (5 1/2″)
  • Has a Certificate of Authenticity
  • Comes in a Presentation box with chessmen individually housed

The Chess Board shown is not part of the set and we can recommend one if required