Millennium Chess Computer Power Adapter


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This is the official Millennium Power Adapter for use with all Millennium Chess Computers with 5V: ChessGenius, ChessGenius PRO, Europe Chess Champion and Karpov Chess School.

Conveniently switch from battery operation to operation via the power supply.

It is a universal adapter with auto sensing circuitry that enables it to operate in most countries of the world, typically either at 240V or 110V.  Included with the adapter are 4 swappable plugs: EU 240V;  UK 240V;  US 110V;  NZ/AUST 240V

While the chess computers operate efficiently with batteries, customers can opt to buy the power adapter for longer-term use. With the ChessGenius PRO, due to the increased performance of it’s processor, power supply is recommended as playing time with batteries is below that of the Genius.

Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Output: DC 5V 600mA